Welcome to Sri Lanka Backpacking

Welcome to Sri Lanka Backpacking, the best guide for backpackers visiting Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is a small island nation in located just south of India, in the Indian Ocean. Being an Island nation the ocean plays a big part of the nations culture, for both cuisine and festivals. Recently it was also discovered with satellite imaging technology that there was once a man-made land bridge between India and Sri Lanka over thousands of years ago which is now submerged.

The island nation of Sri Lanka is a very popular tourist destination for both backpackers and travelers looking for a relaxing and tropical island vacation on a budget. Sri Lanka is very much still an affordable destination for the traveler as there are plenty of cheap accommodation and cheap living costs. Although there are the odd luxury resorts that cater for the more demanding traveler all in all the affordability of Sri Lanka is very high. Sri Lanka is close to India, Singapore and the rest of south east Asia.  So westerners do have to travel a fair distance to reach Sri-Lanka, that is why many westerner backpackers add Sri Lanka as a destination on to their existing itinerary after visiting India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia. Sri Lanka offers a very relaxed tropical water destination.

Sri Lanka is known for some of the best surfing in the Indian Ocean, so it’s not surprising the nation attracts surfers from across the planet who come in search of the perfect wave. Whether you’re a beginner looking to stand up on a board for the first time, or an experienced surfer looking to get barrelled on the reef breaks on the south coast of Sri Lanka has waves for every level of surfer and swimmer the like.

With a tropical climate, Sri Lanka offers warm weather all year round which makes it a great destination for holidaymakers looking for sun, sea and great surf. What’s more, the Sri Lankan people are very welcoming and are helpful, making it a great place for backpacking.

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